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Ian Griffin
Master Professional

Master Professionals have achieved USPTA's highest tested rating of Elite Professional, plus earned remarkable achievements in areas such as teaching, playing, industry service and education. They make up less than 1 percent of USPTA’s membership, and should be capable of high-level job requirements, such as those for general manager, director of tennis and head tennis professional.

The average student who comes out for a lesson will probably accept anything the teacher says blindly......Make sure that what the pro is telling you makes sense to you.......T. Heckler, Tennis, 1980................if your questions on court bring a flat  "Because that's the right way",  that pro -- no matter how deep his or her tan -- is no pro.......E. Bucholz, Tennis, 1980


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* Sport Psychology and Motor Learning / Nutrition and Sport Physiology / Biomechanics and Sport Medicine.   

The USTA does not certify lawn tennis coaches:  it does offer this coaching theory education.  In combination with the USPTA Elite Professional certification,  this is equivalent to ITF Level V.  

The Master Professional designation is not dependent --  like ITF/USOC National Coach certifications -- on appointment.  Rather, uniquely to the USPTA,  it is based in documented work.  Some 185 professionals worldwide have received the designation since 1927.    



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