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My Most Important Lesson in Tennis

Jimmy Connors

"A lot of things aren't taught or learned, they're just born inside you. The best thing that I have going for me is that I go out and play until I die.  And I don't mind doing that.  I think that's helped me in a lot of matches.  A lot of guys know that I'm going to be there until the end and maybe they don't like to stick it out that long.  That's something that can't be taught to you,  it's either in you or it's not.  I was taught by my mother and my grandmother. Someone can teach you to take your racquet back and to hit a forehand and a backhand but no matter who coaches you, once you're out on the court you're by yourself.   "Probably the most important thing that I was taught, was not taught.  It just happened that way."     RACQUETS/March 1984 Donnay Instruction Series

Tips When Working on Your Game

Rosie Bareis, USPTA Master Professional   

  • Start slow with a short court warm up.
  • Don't Rush.
  • Swing Slowly!
  • Practice with a purpose.
  • Have fun!

Starting to Choke

Cliff Richey: Acing Depression

  “Choke” is the word we use to describe what happens when a player is not performing well at a critical moment in competition.  We all have choked on some matches.  There are certain areas of a match where a player is more likely to choke, like when he is serving for the match.  When I started getting into the choke area of a match, I started getting defensive with my shots…... 

  There’s a battle going on out there between two minds,  I could sense when someone was starting to break down mentally.  In the crunch time, it’s easy to get nervous and choke from wanting to win it too badly.  One of the most difficult areas of a match mentally is right at the time you feel you’ve got it done. You need to close the deal…..         Chapter 15  


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